Friday, July 22, 2011

Bathroom Revival: Mother and Daughter Project:

The bathroom is finished and we are very pleased with how it looks and I had so much fun doing it, along with the help of my lovely assistants daughters. I had offered my oldest daughter who will be turning 13 soon if she wanted her bedroom updated to look more sophisticated and she said "No thank you, my bedroom is fine, but will you please do something about my bathroom, it looks like it belongs to an old lady." I can so this!
The big reveal.
Before: Old Lady Bathroom

Love this blue: Martha Stewart Aegean Blue

My favorite part: Scrapbook paper + spray painted frames= Instant Art

Adding ribbon to plain white towels. I fused it together and then stitched.

Adding ribbon trip to a cheap candle using double sided tape.
Making it just right!

My daughter's personal touch: Adding a bow to the towels.

Here is what we did:

One of the lovely assistants helping with painting.

The bathroom is ready for all of the fun stuff. By the way that green frog tape really does work.

My ridiculous collection of old frames.

Picking out just the right ones and spray painting them glossy white.

Adding pretty scrapbook paper. Only 49 cents a sheet. Score!

Then we added pretty ribbon to two bath towels, four hand towels and a plain white candle. We selected a pretty white shower curtain from target and soap dish and toothbrush holder from Home Goods and white shaggy rugs from Kohl's. My daughters and I had so much fun shopping together and choosing items. I hope they had a much fun as I think they did. It is their bathroom, so I thought it was important that they were involved. I can't wait to attack with decorating gusto the rest of the house. It is long over due and very "Old World". Lots of warm colors that need to be replaced with cool crispness and bright happiness. The warm browns, golds and red was O.K. for a while, but it has got to go. One room at a time:)

Our original inspiration.
 My girls feel proud that they were involved in the decisions and it turned out just the way the had hoped. Future designers, perhaps?

Love, Laugh, Create..
Cori Ann


  1. That looks great! I love that your girls were involved. What great memories. :)
    Love the blue you chose, and the DIY art work!
    Thank you for sharing this with me.

  2. This bathroom turned out so well! It is so bright and the ribbon for towels and pictures were a great idea.

  3. Wonderful transformation!!! I love the color and the frames with scrapbook paper.

    Great job!!


  4. It's SO beautiful!!!!!! What a big difference all your simple touches make! Your daughters idea to add bows to the towels is SO clever! I think I'll steal her idea & do that in our bathroom. My little boys are always pulling the hand towel down & leaving it on the floor! Please thank her for the idea! And THANK YOU for sharing your project - your hard work has paid off!

  5. A very calming room, nice! You and your lovely assistant did a great job ;)

  6. What a beautiful and calming color!

  7. It looks so bright and fresh. A great re-do! I am here from the sugar and dots link party and I'm your newest follower!

    Brie from

  8. Looks great. Love the blue. How fun to involve your daughter!

  9. Wow, looks great! I love the wall color!

  10. It's so fresh and fun now. Definitely not 'old lady'! LOL

  11. The bathroom came out wonderful!

  12. definitely no longer old lady! i love the scrapbook solution to art-i've done the same in my bathroom and living room. great job!

  13. This turned out so pretty! I love the colors!


  14. That came out great. So many awesome ideas. I love the new wall color and like what you did with the plain white towels.

  15. I have that shower curtain! Love. What a fun project to do with your girls. They have great taste. ;)

  16. Gorgeous! Tell your girls I said that they have a really GREAT Mom!

  17. Love all the little details. And how cute that you did it together! But I am mortified at what she said about the before shot... because it looks just like my bathroom. I smell a project! Thanks for the inspiration :)

  18. I love so much about this room! The color, the shower curtain, the framed paper--so cute! How special that you worked on it together. Love it!