About Me

 My profession is an art teacher. My passion is creating all things artsy, crafty and yummy and sharing it with others. I love to teach and through a blog I can show others how to create things of their own. I often get my two wonderful daughters involved in my adventures. I have been making things since I can remember. My first memory of creating fun was organizing my crayons in color combinations that I thought looked pretty. Then it was learning how to crochet a granny square to make a baby doll blanket. I also hand stitched pillows, and baby doll clothes. When I was a teenager I was constantly redecorating my room. My part time job was at the local craft and hobby store. My paychecks were usually spent there! Then college, an art major. I discovered my love of art through drawing, painting and everything in between. I love Art History and reading about other creative people. Baking is fun a creative for me.When thinking of a name for my blog it took a long time. I didn't want the title to be limiting because I don't just craft or bake or create art. I do many things creative. I get bored easily and love trying new things. If I ever have spare time and I am not at the dinning room table making something, I like to read and watch movies and of course hanging out with my family! I hope you enjoy my creative adventure as much as I do and come back often to see what is going on.

Cori Ann