Sunday, August 21, 2011

Back to School Fun Series #3: Fluffy Feather Pens

 Back to school time is here. It can be exciting, stressful and adventurous all at the same time. Just like students I get little butterflies in my stomach before the first day of school. I'm wondering who is in my classes, what kind of year will it be and so on. Like I've said before surrounding ourselves with creative, fun and functional items make work and homework more enjoyable. How about some fun feather pens? This is what I came up with.

The supplies that you will need:
*A bag of assorted feathers~ Hobby Lobby, about $5-$6 ( then you can use a coupon and make it cheaper)
*White floral tape~ Hobby Lobby, $2.20 for two rolls. I only used about half of one, left overs for another project!
*Package of pens~ $2 or cheaper, lots of sales for school supplies this month!
           Total project cost---$10 or under!!
This is super easy and quick, your kids can do it too. The floral tape is very forgiving so if you mess up no big deal, just unwrap  and start over. Feathers are very popular at the moment. You can find them in jewelry, hair accessories and as hair extensions. Why not have them on writing pens? So here it goes, the tutorial:

Supplies...I selected all of the purple feathers first

Wrap end of pen with floral tape. Go around about 2-3 times.

Hold feather top of floral tape and wrap floral tape on top of feather.
On opposite side add another feather.
Add feathers by adding them on areas that are bare. Hold feathers at an angle while you wrap them. This makes them fluffier. Please ignore the pillow crumbled on the embarrassing!
After you have wrapped about 5-7 feathers on your pen keep wrapping floral tape all the way down your pen. You can just tear when you finish and the tape sticks to itself.
That was so much fun and easy I decided to do it 7 more times!!
And it can dust of your work area too!!! Ha Ha..Hee Hee
If you have school age children or you are a teacher have a great year!! If not have fun with these fluffy feather pens, because everybody has to write things down. It can be in a cute little notebook or on papers that are on your fancy clipboard. We all like to be organized and making it fun is even better.

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Cori Ann


  1. These are adorable! I'll have to make a few for my twin nieces who are starting school in a few weeks. Thanks for the inspiration

  2. Very cute! I'm giving journals for teacher gifts at Christmas and will have to try to make them some cute pens to go with them!

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  4. I'm so glad I found you as I was hopping and stalking blogs this morning! My daughter and her friends would LOVE these feather pens!!! I'm your newest follower AND I'm going to pin this on Pinterest!