Monday, August 8, 2011

Who Are You? And Other Questions

Check out Who are you? @ Night Owl Crafting. I did and here are my answers.

Here are this week's questions!
1. Do you exercise regularly and what do you do? 
My husband and I walk almost everyday that we can, for about an hour. I also like the treadmill about 2-4 times a week for about 45 min. I have to be active or I go crazy!
2. Do you have any weird sleeping habits?
No not really. I like to do something that helps me wind down like knitting or reading.
3. How often do you vacuum?
Not often enough. 
4.Do you accessorize and if so what is your favorite thing to accessorize with?
I do like to accessorize with bracelets and necklaces. Earring are pretty but they irritate me and I just end up taking them off
5. What is your favorite drink during the summertime?
Iced Tea!! We also make lots of smoothies.

 Have a great day!

Cori Ann


  1. Hi, I'm your newest fan and follower via GFC! I found you at Hoo are you? today and enjoyed reading your post and visiting your blog. It's really cool.Pls stop by mine too at

  2. I usually end up taking my earrings off as well, especially RIGHT when we get home. Ha!
    Love iced tea, that's what I posted as my favorite drink too. I even gave a little recipe as to how I make it... perfect amount of sugar :)

  3. I love smoothies.. that is usually what I have for breakfast.. strawberry is my favorite!

  4. I walk almost two hours with my girls, but not every day....4 time a week...and I love blueberries smoothies.

  5. I love your paper choices! Come ans share this with WorkShop Wednesday too!