Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Summer So Far...

Well, here it is almost half way through July, I can't believe it! I have so many projects I would like to finish before school starts. But first I want to reflect on a few things that I have accomplished. The previous post was all about my family beach vacation, I don't think that is considered a project but was a wonderful time:)
So far I have :
Taught a week long summer art camp for kids
Cleaned out the garage
Cleaned out my closet.
Took a truck load of stuff to Goodwill.
Prepared a new flower bed, ready for planting(waiting for the temperature to go below 100, or maybe I will plant flowers at midnight when it is only 90)
Organized bids for roof repair and fence replacement ( We had a tornado in May) All repairs almost finished.
Baked and decorated birthday cakes for my niece and nephews.

Art Camp... I love hanging out with these creative kids. We were drawing with watercolor pencils. I told the kids to draw what they saw( trees, pond,nature) and then we painted with water and watched our masterpieces come to life.

The girl that is watching instead of drawing belongs to me... at least she isn't distracting them, right?
I guess since her mom is an art teacher she's been there done that.

The little artists' view of the pond..

The birthday cakes, I know this is not a good photo. Elmo is a cupcake cake and the butterfly is a strawberry cake with strawberry icing. Yummy....

After the tornado...we were so lucky.
The tornado that skipped through our neighborhood, left us pretty lucky compared to what could have happened. When I say skipped, I mean it hit some houses and then skipped a few and hit some more. It was surreal to walk around and see one house with chunks of roof missing, windows busted and fences mangled while the house next door is untouched...truly strange and creepy. The next morning our street was littered with debris and people selling their services of repair for all the varieties of damage. Almost two months later we are almost all patched up and items replaced. I will show you the after photo when the fence is finished.

What is left to do in the next six weeks:
Decorate my daughters' bathroom:
Her birthday is coming up soon, so i asked if she wanted us to paint and decorate her room to look a little older and more sophisticated since she is turning 13. She said her room was great but please do something about her bathroom, it looks like it belongs to an old lady. I can do that! I know I didn't put much thought into it and the shower curtain is very busy with red roses. She was in charge of choosing the wall color which is a beautiful pale blue, Martha Stewart color collection called aegean blue. Then we found a soap dispenser and toothbrush holder at Home Goods that matched and we were inspired! We are adding a lot of white and other cool blue and green accents, can't wait till we are finished!

Old lady bathroom..

I also plan on painting a mirror and desk for my youngest and attacking a box full of old frames that need new life which will be explored in a future post.

Oh yea, that flower bed need attention also

Whew! I'm tired just thinking about it, but will be sooo happy when it is done.

Love, Smile, Create.............
Cori Ann

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