Friday, December 30, 2011

A Christmas Story

Our Christmas Tree
This Christmas story doesn't have a Red Ryder BB gun but my Christmas story of family, fun, stress to get it all done, random acts of kindness and a stroll down memory lane. The tree was decorated and outdoor lights done the week of Thanksgiving giving me a sense of relief and joy. Christmas trees and outdoor lights are so magical and make me smile especially when you add Christmas music and cookies.......ahhh, Christmas heaven with sprinkles on top. I like to get the majority of the decorating done by the first weekend after Christmas because it is so much work and I want to enjoy it as much as possible. I like the traditional red and green with some white, gold and silver. So this would lead someone to believe that I've got it all under control, that I was ahead of the game, right? 

Red is a must around my house this time of year.

Well, as I relaxed in my  "I've already decorated" glory while the weeks passed me by. Before I knew it, I had a little more than a week until Christmas with very little accomplished... basically just the decorating. For about 7 days straight I shopped, wrapped, had a family portrait done with Christmas cards, mailing out about 65! Stress City was upon me and I survived!! But what I didn't realize was that not everything has to be perfect all of the time and this is a season of love, family and togetherness. One very special moment was on Christmas eve when we went to church in my home town. I didn't attend that church growing up, but my father in law helped design it and it is where my husband went to church when he was a little boy. I didn't meet my husband until I was in my early 20's but it is very special that we have childhood memories in the same town. Another special memory was spending Christmas weekend with my sister and her family. She has twin boys age two and a half and a five year old daughter. It was wonderful to see those little faces light up on Christmas morning. My daughters have out gown a little of that, but I can still manage to sneak in a little Santa surprise on them! My youngest loves making movies so Santa brought her a very cool video camera, and the oldest got a phone with a lower case "i" in the name which made her smile tremendously. I've still got a little Santa magic up my sleeve..hehe.

The bravest thing my sister and I did was to enter Wal Mart on December 23rd. I like to avoid that place the closer it gets to any major holiday. Maybe it's just me but I don't really enjoy narrow isles, aggressive shoppers and long check out lines. You got to love the ones that completely block the isle with their cart parked at an angle in the middle of the isle. You patiently walk up and just wait hoping they will notice that you need to get by and then after a few seconds you say "excuse me" and they act like they had no idea that thier buggy was completely blocking the isles. Anyways, this shopping trip had some random acts of kindness that caught me off guard. When we first arrive there were not any available carts, not a good sign. As we waited someone brought me one, so kind. As I walked away my sister pointed out that an elderly lady had been waiting before me and I got the cart. Feeling like a complete looser I tuned around to give it to her but someone else was giving her theirs. I spent the whole shopping trip feeling like I turned into one of those rude aggressive shoppers. The second random act of kindness happened on the coffee isle. My sister and I were discussing what brand to buy and some random guy handed my a piece of paper without saying a word. I was a little startled thinking "What is this, is he selling something?" As I quickly walked away, I looked at the paper and it was a dollar off coupon for the coffee I was buying. Feeling like an idiot, again, I went back and thanked him. I just knew I was about to get struck by lightening in Wal Mart right there on the coffee isle. I will do better accepting kindness, I promise!

Christmas brings many beautiful memories, both new and old. I love being a mom to my wonderful daughters and the baking, decorating and shopping we do together are priceless memories. Every year during this time I realize the absence of my own mother who passed away in 2002. She would so enjoy all the things we are doing and my girls would so enjoy her!

 Merry Christmas and Peace to you,
Cori Ann

My Mother's Nativity Scene. What it is all really about. 

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  1. what a funny story and so sweet too! Sounds like you had a great Christmas!!